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Kansai 16 - Kyoto (Part 2)

Warning, I'm blasting more of my big head photo in this post  because I was donned in kimono....erm so do bear with it ya... =p

Reporting early at Kyoto Kimono Rental 41, coz we were going to dressed up in kimono before sightseeing. 

Kyoto Kimono Rental 41 (9am - 8pm)
Shikata building 5F,second building to the west from the southwest corner of Shijo St. and Kawaramashi St.
Closed on Monday

We opted for the couple plan and topped up with a hairdo for me. It took about 45mins for me to dress up and 15mins for hubby. I super blur, I thought the package comes with makeup which didnt lah, so I "sent" hubby back to the hotel and find whatever make up he can find. Again, my hotel damn good lah, go everywhere also can walk. Hahaha

The place looks like those old traditional auntie hairdresser, but it got everything you need, including bags to put our belonging!

This was the first time I wore kimono and there were so many layers, I totally lost counts. They even placed a cardboard material-like thing at my waist line; I couldnt find my waist at all.  Basically, no figure liao, not that I have one to begin with, but hey, I can say it's because of the kimono. LOL

Our first photo stop was at Kiyiomizu-dera Temple. We acted smart and walked all the way there.. No joke. It was damn hot and sweaty wearing kimono under the sun for almost 20-30 minutes. The temple is not near any train station, so if you are coming in summer like us, I think take cab is better...

And the crowd that greeted us was 'horrifying'. We went on a weekday, why so many school students! 

We 'escaped' to an air-con restaurant to cool down and eat lunch lor....

Our lunch! The tempura was sooo good! The batter was really light and crispy. Japan is really a country where anyhow pop into a restaurant, the food also nice.

We didnt go in the temple since we had been here before, so we just took pictures and left for the next spot.

Hello Kitty stuff spotted along Kiyiomizu-dera street, so cute!

Oh and one funny incident happened when we were walking to the main road. A Korean auntie stopped us and made us take picture with her son. Maybe I looked cute in Kimono? But likely is she adored my pink Kimono. Keke 

We took cab to Fushimi Inari Shrine, coz really bth the heat.  The Shrine is located right outside Fushimi-Inari (Keihan line), so is actually very convenient to go. 

act yi ge artistic...keke

It was so difficult to take a picture without other people walking by....

Anyway it was really hot, so we gave up wearing the kimono (although the rental was until 7pm) before we proceed to the next spot, Kinkakuji Temple

Again, this temple is also not near to any train station, the easiest way is to take a bus. We took bus number 205 from Saiin Station, which cost about 220 Yen. In kyoto, you board the bus from the back door and exit using the front door and make payment there as well. Just follow the locals ya. 

Ice-cream to save the day!

We took a bus back to Kyoto station and just randomly ordered ramen and dumpling for dinner and off for shopping!

Ending off now... till the next post!

Kansai 16 - Kyoto (Part 1)

We bought the Hankyu Tourist Pass (1 day @ 700 Yen) at Hotel New Kankyu since we were travelling to Kyoto as well as Arashiyama via the Hankyu Railway on the same day. The journey from Osaka to Kyoto was slightly less than an hour, super easy to go. =)

Highly recommending Hotel Grand Bach! The room rate was relatively cheap ($100+ per night) and directly connected to Kawaramachi Station @ Kyoto. The bathroom comes with rain shower and massage jets, which was quite shiok. That's not all. The hotel also has public bath and supper ( simple porridge). Impressive for the price paid. The Osaka hotels that I stayed only have basic facilities and cost me $230-300+ per night. =_="

We went to Nishiki Ichiba Market for lunch, which is just walking distance from our hotel. Lotza snacks and fruits. If you are here at Kyoto, remember to buy Kyoto grapes! They tasted just like Hi-Chew grape flavoured sweets. The sweetness was just unbelievable. I actually preferred the grapes to strawberries.  The grapes were sold around 1000+ yen for a small packet (depending on the weight) but  they were sold like $20+ at Taka Cold Storage.  

Squid with quail egg head
Flowers that smelt so good!

Another must eat is the matcha warabi mochi. It is a more jelly type of mochi, very different from those taiwanese mochi. Must try! If you are keen to find out how it tastes like, you can find it at Buruto @ CBD. Although Kyoto one still tasted better lah. =p

Too bad, it can only keep for 2-3 days, so cannot buy back as souvenir. =(

Next, Arashiyama for tourist sightseeing.. cannot be eating all day one mah, although I must say majority of our time at Kansai was EAT...keke

It took about 20 minutes from Kyoto to Arashiyama, a place where we really enjoy the peaceful and quaint little shops and restaurants. There's a map of the town at the station, dont forget to take one!

We first went to Monkey Park Iawtayama, which is around 20 minutes walk from the station. Well, we went with slippers, without realizing that we got to trek uphill..

This was just the beginning..... the staircases slowly turn to muddy uneven path; dunno why we always ended up trekking when we went for holidays... @#$%

This was like after 20 minutes and we were nowhere near the hill top.....OMG

Finally..... we reached the hill top where the monkeys reside and a bird eye's view of Arashiyama, after like 45mins to an hour?

Ok lah, we got no stamina. I think if I tell people I've been to Nepal for trekking a few years back, I dont think any one will believe.... but I did hor. Anyway, it was not easy to 'giap' my slippers, especially when the path was muddy and slippery.  If you are coming here, please wear proper walking shoes. Well, at least the route downhill was easier and faster.

We were not supposed to pet the monkeys, so could only take pictures from far. But then, you can pay a fee to buy peanuts to feed them... with you inside the "cage". I cheapo, I didnt buy the peanuts but took "free" videos while others fed the monkeys. Hop to my instagram to see the video! 

Saw this at the shrine near the entrance of the Park. Whoever you are, we totally feel you....

Crossing Togetsukyo Bridge to the town for food and tibits!

But first, we visited Tenryuji Temple.

We skipped the temple but just visited the garden which will lead to the Bamboo Groves. You can also take the other route (refer to the map which you can get at the station) to go straight to the Bamboo Groves if you dont want to pay the entrance fees.

Bamboo Groves

Arashiyama is famous for its tofu, so dont go off without trying! We randomly went into a restaurant and ordered a full tofu set.

This tofu skin (teoke yuba) was really interesting... Must try!

With that, we said goodbye to Arashiyama... ^_^

Back to Osaka for dinner at Kichi Kichi Omu Rice, which is again walking distance from my hotel. Told you, my hotel damn good. Keke

Kichi Kichi Omu Rice (5pm to 9pm)
Address: 185-4 Zaimokucho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8017, Japan

As the restaurant is really small, probably sit around 10 - 12 pax, so if you are keen to try this, remember to make reservation online! Location is at a small alley, so check with your hotel reception to find the way. 

The omu rice was great but not wow. I think the chef was more entertaining than the food. Haha...  For me, it's good to just try once. =)

That's all for Part 1! Be back!