Hotel Jen Lavender Spa Staycation 16

It's my birthday month, so we started off the celebration with a staycation! And because my bdae collided with the FI event, we can never book a hotel on the actual day without incurring exorbitant prices, so ya, early celebration which also mean more celebrations... lol.


Hotel Jen Tanglin is refurnished from the ex-Traders Hotel, and is under the Shangri La's hotel chain. I really adored the decorations with its earthly tones. giving its guests a warm and cozy experience. 

We booked this Lavender Spa Staycation package (expires by end Sep 16) which comes with club privileges as well. 

Sounds like a good deal right? But hor, I didnt get the shower cream, eye serum, hand cream, day cream and leg gel. Instead, soap bar, facial wash, facial mask and foot cream were given instead. All in sample sachets. *Shrugged*
The room is really pretty and smelled really nice! Inspired me to spray my own bedroom with lavender essential oil. Keke  
The 'gifts'

 Bathroom without bath tub, so no bubble bath lor..
 Cozy corner
Hello! ( see the hanging rack)
 Love, Live, Laugh (ignore the ugly background)
View from our room. 

The previous picture will be nicer if we were directly above the swimming pool lor. 
 Gold chrome pendant lights #renogoals
Nice gesture! So dont forget to 'ransack' the fridge if you are staying here. 

Club Privilege

For staycation, I prefer to opt for one with club privileges since it means all meals 'settled'. ^_^
There is three timings for the club lounge ~ breakfast, afternoon tea and evening canapes. It opens 24 hours, and stay-in guests can pop by for coffee, tea and cookies using the hotel room card anytime other than the three time-slots. Oh, there is maggi mee for the night owls as well. =)
Afternoon Tea offers scones and soup.
Evening spread includes dim sum, cheese and soup as well. Erm, probably not enuff to make up as a dinner bah. There's also red/white wines as well as beers offered.

Breakfast offers the usual cereals and whatnots. 

I was a tad disappointed with the spread and was particularly expecting for more for the weekend brunch. End up it's just extended hours. The spread was far cry from the other blogs that I read on Hotel Jen in 2015. I guess, the spread has shrunk over the last one year? 

Overall, I think the room is really nice. Food quality was nice too, just that the spread is quite limited. Oh boy, I think I was 'spoiled' by Ritz Carlton. 

Till the next post for Ritz Carlton Staycation.... Happy Holiday! ^_^

Kansai 16 - Osaka

I'm back to continue my super out-dated Kansai trip after being 'dormant' for so long... =p 

Being 'busy' catching pokemon, so much that I actually forgot to download my K-dramas that I have been following. So far I had 85 pokemon in my pokedex, but theoretically I should have more since I havent being evolving them even though I have enough candies. Oh well, waiting for the new updates to allow calculation of IV so that I can evolve the more powerful one for battles! LOL

Dubz, why am I talking about pokemon here? Ok ok, back to Osaka. For this post, it's all about food! Ya, Osaka is a food paradise man, you better have a big tummy to enjoy all the good stuff. I definitely have that 'capability', something I'm not exactly proud of.. But if I have travelled all the way to Japan liao, fat also must eat right? Lol

Kuromon Ichiba Market
Nipponbashi Station, Exit 10/9 and walk for about  2min

You should totally come here if you love to eat. There's all sort of items here ranging from seafood, beef, fruits, tibits etc.

This was quite expensive, at 5800 Yen per packet, but it was really meaty. There were also smaller packets but the crab legs not so huge one lor.
Grilled seafood ~ Just choose your seafood and uncle would grill it on the spot.
We ordered a set of scallop, abalone and tiger prawn for 3000 Yen. Huge and juicy, yum yum.
If you dont like seafood, there's also beef. In fact, they also have kobe beef here, although slightly more expensive. But if you are on a tight schedule and have no time to go kobe, why not?
And for non-beef lovers, there's like all sort of different types of chicken. Erm, although I'm not too sure whether they cook for you or not.
Different kind of side dishes...
Yes, Kyoto grapes, white strawberry and mango!! I wish I have more money to spend. Love eating fruits when I'm travelling coz they are all so sweet. 
You can choose from the different sizes of urchin and the stall holder will open up for you to eat at the spot. But  hubby dun eat urchin, so I bought the smallest portion, i.e. the opened one (800 Yen) which I though not so fresh.
Strawberry in mochi ~ I loved that the strawberry will burst out juice when you bite into the mochi. Really like this.
Ice-cream in crepe cone... nice of coz! ^_^

Shinsekai (新世界) district
Ebisucho Subway Station  and walk for about  10min

Please dont come here during day time, it was literally a dead town. So we ended up eating at Kushikatsu Daruma which you can also find it at  Dotombori also lah.

We shared Set C, which consisted of 15 skewers at 2000 Yen. It's basically fried food, fried meat ball, fried prawn, fried rice cake, fried pumpkin, fried cheese etc etc. Quite a good mix and makes a pretty nice snack with beer.

This is like the major food street where you find the popular restaurants as well as stock up  beauty products from the drug stores.


This was probably the most expensive meal in this trip. Since this trip was a celebration trip for hubby's bdae, ok lah, just splurge.... Heehee

The portion looked like nothing much right, just a few slices of beef. We didnt eat rice but really felt very full after eating so much beef,  this was probably too much for 2 pax to share. Over dosage of beef. LOL

Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka
I loved tako balls in Japan, so generous with the fillings! But dunno why no queue one... is there a more famous one somewhere else? Keke... I measure popularity by the queue..

Side track, but I was pretty sad when Gindaco closed its orchard ion outlet lor.. Like WHY? I thought the business quite good?? No more tako balls for me liao... :(

Mizuno Okonomiyaki Restaurant
Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Dotonbori,1 Chome−4−15 美津の 
11am - 10pm

We reached Mizuno slightly after 11am and it was already full house with a snake queue. We waited for almost 45mins, so do come here earlier.

We dunno what to order, so we just opted for the 'Must Recommendable Combination' aka a set with mini yamaimoyaki (pork loin & scallop) and a mini mix modern yaki (soba noodles). Surprisingly, they were pretty good, not to mention they were cooked by handsome young chefs. Keke

New Instagram

I have created a new instagram @funhideout, please add me! ^_^


I realized I have been eating faster than I can blog, so I shall update the pictures in a nicer way @funhideout. The current @bearytedd is still active, just that I bth it's so "untidy", OCD habit kicks in lah... I shall still be posting my random activities at @bearytedd, but if you want to be updated on places to eat, new posts in my blog... it will be at @funhideout.

Am I making you more confused??? Keke

Just add both! =p 

Kansai 16 - Kyoto (Part 2)

Warning, I'm blasting more of my big head photo in this post  because I was donned in kimono....erm so do bear with it ya... =p

Reporting early at Kyoto Kimono Rental 41, coz we were going to dressed up in kimono before sightseeing. 

Kyoto Kimono Rental 41 (9am - 8pm)
Shikata building 5F,second building to the west from the southwest corner of Shijo St. and Kawaramashi St.
Closed on Monday

We opted for the couple plan and topped up with a hairdo for me. It took about 45mins for me to dress up and 15mins for hubby. I super blur, I thought the package comes with makeup which didnt lah, so I "sent" hubby back to the hotel and find whatever make up he can find. Again, my hotel damn good lah, go everywhere also can walk. Hahaha

The place looks like those old traditional auntie hairdresser, but it got everything you need, including bags to put our belonging!

This was the first time I wore kimono and there were so many layers, I totally lost counts. They even placed a cardboard material-like thing at my waist line; I couldnt find my waist at all.  Basically, no figure liao, not that I have one to begin with, but hey, I can say it's because of the kimono. LOL

Our first photo stop was at Kiyiomizu-dera Temple. We acted smart and walked all the way there.. No joke. It was damn hot and sweaty wearing kimono under the sun for almost 20-30 minutes. The temple is not near any train station, so if you are coming in summer like us, I think take cab is better...

And the crowd that greeted us was 'horrifying'. We went on a weekday, why so many school students! 

We 'escaped' to an air-con restaurant to cool down and eat lunch lor....

Our lunch! The tempura was sooo good! The batter was really light and crispy. Japan is really a country where anyhow pop into a restaurant, the food also nice.

We didnt go in the temple since we had been here before, so we just took pictures and left for the next spot.

Hello Kitty stuff spotted along Kiyiomizu-dera street, so cute!

Oh and one funny incident happened when we were walking to the main road. A Korean auntie stopped us and made us take picture with her son. Maybe I looked cute in Kimono? But likely is she adored my pink Kimono. Keke 

We took cab to Fushimi Inari Shrine, coz really bth the heat.  The Shrine is located right outside Fushimi-Inari (Keihan line), so is actually very convenient to go. 

act yi ge artistic...keke

It was so difficult to take a picture without other people walking by....

Anyway it was really hot, so we gave up wearing the kimono (although the rental was until 7pm) before we proceed to the next spot, Kinkakuji Temple

Again, this temple is also not near to any train station, the easiest way is to take a bus. We took bus number 205 from Saiin Station, which cost about 220 Yen. In kyoto, you board the bus from the back door and exit using the front door and make payment there as well. Just follow the locals ya. 

Ice-cream to save the day!

We took a bus back to Kyoto station and just randomly ordered ramen and dumpling for dinner and off for shopping!

Ending off now... till the next post!